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All horror jokes are just for fun or study,be sure to pay attention to such works can not be sent to the timid, cardiacs or unaccompanied females ,you must consider the resulting any questions , cuz we're not responsible for any of your unconscious action.

Maybe the most horrible webpage jokes in the world

NO.1 Romantic love story with nice music

Horror rank:level A

At the beginning you can hear a wonderful music, the screen is a common story of the kind of warm scenes, so you can relax completely, of course, the result is totally relaxed .....

address: www.eddy.com.cn/en/rc/hot-441.html

N0.2 A story in girl's domitory

Horror rank:level A+

Girl's domitory, an amazing place,a great number of people are curious about the story inside it, the author also know this, so hope you could enjoy the long story....For careful person you may notice the background, that's a prompt, but if you send this to a female in the evening, the consequences will be impossible to estimate...


N0.3 Find the beauty's little panties

Horror rank:level S

I would like to say it's man's game ^0^,most people play this game with cheerful mood,and because of the topic, no one will refuse to play even at night, so hope you could find it...


N0.4 Help Britney in the underground palace

Horror rank:level A+

when you entered the mysterious place and touched something, the accident came. The ghosts come out with a High realistic level, and the cry at the end also very abnormal.....


N0.5 Color vision deficiency test

Horror rank:level S

Due to health-related topics, when someone received this, the first feel was a concern ,and would not keep vigilant.After several normal test, the vigilance will be completely lost... so it has a high degree of participation


N0.6 Test your IQ, find differences

Horror rank:level S

For this works, the investigation of recent years knows that it has been recognized as the most horrible prank, the survey said that 40 percent of the people were scared, 20 percent of people think that's extremely horrible, so we could imagine the influence. Its clever arrangement, when you concentrate on it,you will find...


N0.7 Illusions around us, don't trust your eyes

Horror rank:level S+

The images and sounds are from the Japanese 《Ju-On》, if you look closely indeed,you can see a little bit Three-dimensional images, but if you try to concentrate harder and harder.. Fuzzy design, it is three-dimensional effect but certainly not clear, you would like to see more efforts on the more deep depression, and of course the ghost will not make you despair


N0.8 To be continued...

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