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*Suntao VS buakaw
*All kinds of animal dancing
*singing in the W.C
*The best Chinese flash - Big fis
*Unbelievable soccer game
*A girls' Shaking dance
*Alan's dance,nice jean
*Heaven Re-interpretation

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Tho most horrible webpage-jokes
Think you're brave? then try those funny test..
[N0.8] * To be continued soon.please wait...
[N0.7] * Illusions around us, don't trust your eyes
[N0.6] * Test your IQ, find differences
[N0.5] * Color vision deficiency test
[N0.4] * Help Britney in the underground palace
[N0.3] * Find the beauty's little panties
[N0.2] * A story in girl's domitory
[N0.1] * Romantic love story with nice music
e Funny Video
DaDaDa-Backroom boys
Backroom boys new video
The funny boxing match
Don't take chances with your valuables
The treadmill -unlucky day
running machine esp 06 , a korean film
e Singing Video
Heaven Re-interpretation
by worrti,half-blooded girl, in Beijing
Come back, My firiend
By Sg. just for fun
love you 1000 times
By kiolo.
e Dancing Video
Pepsi new star-Shaoxin team
New star live video
Jolin- only dance
Jolin-queen of dance (Taiwan)
eyes dance
her eyes can dance?
e Imitation Show
MJ dangerous imitation
Guiyang basket man imitate dangerous
Andy Liu imitation
8 guys imitate Andy
Super funny imitation of musical instruments
A most famous Japanese show
e Kungfu Video
Suntao VS buakaw
China SunTao VS Thailand buakaw, whole match.
sanshou practise,
practese with my friend , Hei.
My personal training
e Flash Story
The best Chinese flash - Big fish
Author: B&T . The best Chinese flash works
xiaoxiao movie 08
xiaoxiao movie 07

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